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When it comes to games that are both really popular and have had a massive influence on the world of gambling at gaming revolution, bingo and poker are both near the top of the pack. They both attract large amounts of players and have much to recommend them, but what is involved with each of them? Which do you think would be right for you? Read on to find out more about them. 

The basic premise

Bingo and poker are very different from each other. You might be able to play both online bingo and poker, but the premises of the games are extremely different. For instance, poker is a game based around playing cards. There are lots of variations on it, which means if you’re a fan of the game you’ll have lots of versions to choose from. The simplest version of the game involves being dealt five cards that form your hand. The aim is to then get the best hand of everyone who is playing. 

In contrast to this, bingo involves a single card. This card generally has 25 squares on it, each filled in with a number. Then, the bingo caller calls out numbers as they are drawn; the aim is to match all of the numbers to the numbers on your card. If you do this before anyone else, you’ll win the game – and the prize. Like poker, there are different versions of bingo for you to play. For instance, you can get games of online bingo involving 75, 80 or 90 balls. As well as games where you are meant to cross off all the numbers, there are also variations where you just need to match all the numbers on a single line of your card. 

Skill versus luck

If you have ever played poker, you are no doubt aware that it involves both skill and luck. This makes it very appealing to some people but less appealing to others as it can take time to develop the skill to do well at the game. 

Bingo is different to this. If you play a game of bingo on a popular site such as Fabulous Bingo, you’ll quickly see that as long as you understand the basic rules of the game, you have just as much chance of winning the top prize as anyone else. The simplicity of the game is one of the things that attract so many people to it. 

High stakes versus lower stakes

Poker and bingo also come with varying stakes in terms of how much you are required to bet. Poker, for instance, often requires multiple rounds of betting, meaning that you can often end up spending more money than you meant to. 

Bingo, however, involves making an initial payment to gain access to the game, but this is a one-off payment that isn’t expensive. This means that there are lower stakes involved in bingo, making it much cheaper and easier to play. You can also play free bingo so you don’t even have to pay anything at all if you don’t want to, making it the perfect game to play if you are looking to relax and unwind by playing something fun with your friends.